A talent collective for high end fashion Models, Hmuas,Stylists and Photographers


Our experienced network of Models and influencers will provide a significant impact to sales and customer relations. 


Providing exceptional talent and rewarding results for your campaign

Broaden our alternatives

Health and Wellbeing

-Advisor, Holistic Brand Owner, Sports Therapists

Providing each individual we guide through their journey in the fashion industry with a essential products ro manage stress and toxins consumed during commutes and negative environments. We will also welcome conversations surrounding health and we can advise where appropriate to improve or sustain current levels of health. We have the professional team of nurture consultants to introduce to you our level of care. 

Filtering our environment

NLP, Image Consultants, 

Conversations surrounding self perception, limiting beliefs and missed opportunities, deprivation of our potential. We listen to the behaviours, observe the communication and rely on your conversation and expressions that aide your thought processes towards how environments have made you feel and how you would like to adapt to or experience how to interact differently in traditional or complex environments.

Year of potential

Yoga, Meditation & Reflection

The connection of the Mind, Body and Soul is as interesting and important to experience the serenity in the moment. We advise engaging in hobbies, personal goals alternative to your job as content relations to your environment and profession way cause repressed visions of the future misinforming you of your reality leaving you feeling internally depleted. There are many forms of relaxation, we will provide you with an emphatic environment to experience the calming of the Mind, Body and Soul. 

Become a Model

Guiding your entry into the industry with industry insight and direct castings with relevant agencies through the United Kingdom, Paris and New York.

Direct Bookings

We often receive briefs from clients that require us to have control over the choice of Model, Actor or Personality.


Clients provide us with guidelines for upcoming commercials, photoshoots and various marketing and PR activities. We provide New Faces for decision making

Image Update

High End Fashion, Beauty, Campaign and Documentary photographers.

Expression Coach

A place to identify your persona and execution for various jobs such as Fashion shoots ( studio/outdoor), Runway, Posture and more.


Enquiries for becoming a model or an agent with our team, please get in touch

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