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A dress u up is a concept developed by our CEO. This concept is about providing understanding and services to clients personally, aestheticising in ways only we know how. We can only identify room for aide where their is mutual understanding of the process we go through in between each exchange to ensure our looks are poised for corporate events, fashion editorials, runway or family functions.


We have a network of brand owners, personal shoppers, wardrobe stylists and personal stylists,  external from our company and in house which combines diversity and authenticity for our clientele. We are able to wear our clients briefs.


Clothing and uniform throughout working and social environments have miscontrused messages from management to conflicting morals and lifestyles of individuals and staff within these working environments. These issues have been since status' were invented  and used in sentence structure and visual interpretations, visual merchandisers solve the first impressions of retail stores and online spaces, there are also consultants who provide training and support to professionals wanting to take their spaces to a new market, with new customers we are able to create custom uniforms based on your criteria of employment to ensure each employee has a visual interpretation. Additionally a series of items based on our research on consumer perceptions are that people become more tenacious in their roles in society and work if they enjoy what they're wearing or how they're represented insight to the interpersonal communication has also shown  impact on the clothes we wear, We can provide our insight for the right items to put on either <body>.


We create editorial, sports and ecommerce looks using the ability of our in house and freelance team. We have been featured in various magazines for our fashion work such as GQ magazine, Dazed, Faddy magazine and various campaigns, music videos, concert performances, public appearances and presentations.