What can we learn from Codiak?

Codiak provides a framework to interpreting what we observe through stimuli  more efficiently and authentically using speech, gesticulation, an exchange of senses article will be added with the users who have signed up for a $2 donation to our Research project ahead of our start date July 2020. Codiak is a term cultivating our performances into personalised scanning of our environment  integrated into the aesthetic of the page. You will have to use codiak to find the code for new articles. 

What are your plans with Knowledge At the Centre

KATC will be a place for conversation, learning and innovating

Is Codiak involved in any processes you have?

We are developing new dialogues, technology that is efficient and environments that are present using our interest and expertise to good use. Concept designs will be released Q2 2020, a detailed analysis of our endeavours can be found on Katc;Case studies