How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We use obserbational data to percieve our clients businesses, from this we are able to tailor our services and build a relatioship with our clients through the relatability and subjectivitiy of our own concepts.

I cant afford a service, what can i do?


A communication model, useful in developing understanding of your immediate environment liaising with your intelligence to confirm intuition. By using codiak you're advancing your intellectual capacity delivering communications within your own experience, allowing for access to an outcome to return to during events you may not have been prepared for.
 co- day- ak

Who are your customers?

Our customers exist in various spaces in our world. From online stores, restaurants requiring fine art pieces, Gettyimages exclusive photography, corporate clients experimenting with our consultations and innovative solutions, Single mums wanting a family picture, Dads enjoying family time, Our customers require some form of sensory and visual communication. We aide our customers with their objective

What can we learn from Codiak?

Codiak provides a framework to interpreting what we observe through stimuli  more efficiently and authentically using speech, gesticulation, an exchange of senses article will be added with the users who have signed up for a $2 donation to our Research project ahead of our start date July 2020. Codiak is a term cultivating our performances into personalised scanning of our environment  integrated into the aesthetic of the page. You will have to use codiak to find the code for new articles. 

What are your plans with Knowledge At the Centre

KATC will be a place for conversation, learning and innovating

Is Codiak involved in any processes you have?

We are developing new dialogues, technology that is efficient and environments that are present using our interest and expertise to good use. Concept designs will be released Q2 2020, a detailed analysis of our endeavours can be found on Katc;Case studies

What is codiak and how can it be used?

Codiak is a way of interpreting your environment, think in terms of ecology using your knowledge of self to determine the outcome.

How do i apply codiak?

Usng our reflective nature as the premise,  provide yourself with an understanding of when unconcious bias occured in any of your processes towards environments you have been in vs you having a distinct perception of being in and recognise where codiak can be used.  Codiak can be interpreted as oppurtunistic judgement.

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What is IMAGE

Image is your perceived identity, how members of the public regard you through how you interact with your environment.

We create value and develop analysis for our clients so they don't have to. This can be done through various forms of communication and doesn't restrict any interested parties due to price. If you enjoy what we plant, you can purchase our crop

Do you have any job vacancies?

We are open to applications in multipe disciplines. Connect with us to discuss positions, contracts  


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