A communication between space, through time using whole messaging


CodiakQuantum is a Cognizant, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing programme set out to research, develop and engineer. Transformations in technology and science will depend on the communication of these products and services to increase the efficiency of a communication through space  


We have a network of 100s of experts and organisations able to provide us with meticulous insight key for us to nurture our inventions into an environment our systems are designed for


Our details can be found on the top left and bottom of this page. Or you could email us 


We are currently in the research stages of our project, Series A of funding towards this project will aide the process of the creation of our intelligent systems. Our latest project plans will be released in Q2 2020


We are raising funds for our research project and product development on intelligent systems. A team will be pronounced once Series A is complete


Our current clients utilise our capabilities with analysing human dynamics, we take this research into our innovations. We work with leading agencies, organisations and industry experts to ensure interactive environments have the presence of high level communications to aide civilians using multiple intelligences including quantum computing and artificial intelligence

Intelligent design

Our programme will suffice for those understanding of what our world is communicating to us, helpful for those who haven't yet formulated an understanding. Humans require new systems for accurate insights, if that's our own programming, data centres or A brain being engineered in a box, cars returning to their origins,  data is required, knowledge is preferred. The advancement of communication through the next decade inspires our CodiakQuantum programme to be a nurturing process, an effective communication through space... as the more complex environments become, using AI/AR/VR and Quantum computing may provide us with a gate to a new dimension of communication, we will then communicate this to you through products and services that will better guide to your next objective through use of codiak itself to analyse your space and where best to plant our chip