Founder Andre Bright decided to express through an immersive dance theatre performance on stage, turned into talks, a performing arts festival in Sierra Leone, and a youth empowerment program. This is how he communicates and continues to create and develop communities.

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 A non profit organisation

Mission 54, our non-profit organisation, supports and empowers disadvantaged children throughout the 54 African countries. We believe education, micro-credit and long-term planning are the key to taking African countries from developing countries to developed countries. 

We invest in local retailers throughout Africa so that retailers are able to sell these basic educational resources at a cheaper cost. Therefore Mission 54 provides these children with the education opportunities to which they desperately need access. We believe that our organisation can become integral to childrens'​ intellectual growth and to the discovery of talents belonging to the younger generations in Africa. 

We aspire to see an interconnected Africa supported by a highly educated and technically able workforce of motivated young people across all fields of work. We aim to support students between the age of 6-16 initially, which provides solid foundations for students to go on to higher education, technical and vocational training or entrepreneurship. We strive to then support and encourage enterprise, within the agricultural sector especially. An increase in young people filling these roles will drive innovation and provide sustainable solutions to the problems currently faced in Africa.


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